She Biz

/ʃiː/bɪz/ She means business.

She Biz is an online magazine, made to empower businesswomen by businesswomen.

It is the go-to place for real advice from women across a variety of industries and all walks of life.

Whether you want to get inspired by other successful businesswomen, get the low-down on the quickest (and easiest) meals to make after work or discover the secret to de-stressing, you’ve come to the right place.

She Biz is an online space solely contributed to by real businesswomen. Want to pitch in? Contact the team with your article ideas and contact details.

Join the community of like-minded, strong, career-focused women and share your invaluable tips, wise insights and empowering stories.

Editor’s note:

Growing up in an Italian-Morrocan family, where the women in my life played a more traditional role, I knew I was somewhat out of place – being more aligned with the career-driven women in SATC than my aunties.

I would devour the “career” section of monthly glossy magazines but wished there was a space for real working women, which was longer than around 3 print spreads and didn’t mainly consist of this season’s working wardrobe staples.

Whilst working for Market Leader’s digital magazine I had a ‘light-bulb moment’. You see, members of The Marketing Society, chip in together to produce Market Leader. So I began to think, why isn’t there a magazine which readers can contribute to? *And I’m not talking about in the comment section…

That day over my £2.60 bowl of salad, She Biz was born. The only not-for-profit online magazine which any businesswoman can contribute to and say it like it is.

Orianna Rosa Royle, Founder & Editor of She Biz