She Biz

/ʃiː/bɪz/ She means business.

She Biz is a not-for-profit digital magazine, made for businesswomen by businesswomen.

Whether you want to know the quickest meals to make after work, the best ways to de-stress (without killing your manager) or be inspired by successful businesswomen, you’ve come to the right place.

2 Brunettes - Orianna Hair
Editors note:

Growing up in an Italian, Morrocan family, where the women in my life played a more traditional role of being the housewife, I knew I was somewhat out of place.

Being more aligned with the career-driven women in Sex and the City, than the females in my family, I’d always jump to the career section of Cosmopolitan for any practical career advice.

The only issue being, the magazine is only monthly and I’d get through the dedicated career pages in minutes.

Whilst working for Market Leader’s digital magazine I had a ‘light-bulb moment’. You see, members of The Marketing Society, produce Market Leader. Why aren’t there more magazines which any reader/subscriber/member can contribute to?

That day over my £2.60 bowl of salad, She Biz was born. The only not-for-profit digital magazine which any businesswomen can contribute to.

Join our community of like-minded, strong, career-focused women and share your invaluable tips, insights and stories.

Orianna Rosa Royle, Founder & Editor of She Biz