1. Wrap Up Warm

This is vital if you’re going in the colder months.

Amsterdam is around the same temperature as the UK. However, as the city is surrounded by canals it can get windy and feel quite icy.

Things to avoid if you suffer the cold would be ripped jeans and loose knit jumpers. The cold air WILL seep through!

We recommend wearing suitable footwear as you will be doing a lot of walking, a thick coat to keep out the cold and an outfit that can easily go from casual to dressy. Because believe us, this city is so action-packed you won’t have much time to change at the hotel.

If you’re still stuck on what to pack, check our city escape outfit inspo .

2. Eat!

Amsterdam has a range of great places to eat & drink. Whether you’re in the mood for Indonesian food or just a quick hot chocolate they’ve got you covered.

One thing they do especially well is pancakes. Head to MOOK on De Clercqstraat for pancakes with sizeable toppings and plenty of choice! We love the Mancake – a savoury sweet combination of bacon, cheddar, onion and maple syrup. Perfect for kick-starting a busy day!

If you fancy sampling some more local cuisine why not try out poffertjes. These are small fluffy pancakes which are traditionally served with powdered butter & sugar. The bite-sized treats are very tasty however if you’re craving something savory we’d also recommend Omelegg for the best omelettes in town! Be warned though you can’t book in advance so you might face a bit of a wait for a table (although it’s completely worth it).

If you’d prefer to eat as you walk and discover the town centre, the cobbled streets are lined with various eateries where you’ll be sure to find something you enjoy. Why not try out some fresh waffles while you wander.

3. Take The Tram

Using the tram is the best way to get around Amsterdam and get to know the city – It is very easy to use and extremely affordable.

Going for the weekend? Opt for 48-hour pass, so you can jump on and off the tram to explore the city wherever you please.

All the trams go to Central Station (by the Red Light District), so jump on and explore! They’re all on a loop and you’re always a few minutes away from a tram stop, so you’re unlikely to get lost.

Get off at Plantage for the Artis Royal Zoo and the Cafe De Plantage Restaurant. Surrounded by fairy lights, an indoor tree and marble interiors, the restaurant offers healthy and beautiful meals which are definitely Instagram worthy.

4. Do The Pricier Heineken Experience

Other than wondering around the small city and discovering it’s hidden gems, there’s one tourist attraction worth your cash – the Heineken Experience which offers an insight into the brewing process and how to properly drink a beer. Because just knocking them back isn’t the professional way…

For €16 you can get a tour of the factory along with two beers to enjoy at the end. Or you could go with the slightly pricier option at €24 which includes a canal trip which drops you off to the A’Dam tower. Learn some interesting facts about the city whilst cruising through the canals – giving your feet a much-needed rest from exploring.

At the top of A’Dam tower is Europe’s highest swing which lets you swing over the edge of the 100m building while enjoying a panoramic view of the city. Perfect for your Instagram shot of your city break.

If heights are a definite no, enjoy a cocktail from the bar or a meal at the Moon restaurant. Both are inside the tower but you’ll still get that spectacular view of the city.

Fancy somewhere a bit warmer? Check out our Venice City Guide.

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