Glastonbury may have passed but festival season is far from over!

And while we’re not looking forward to the mud and portaloos, we are definitely excited for the music fashion.

Carry on scrolling for the low-down on key trends to wear to this years’ festivals.


It wouldn’t be a festival without a boatload of glitter & stick on gems. While it’s not sadly as socially acceptable in real life, it’s part & parcel of the festival experience.

Not only is it super fun it’s great for hiding the fact you’ve been partying and haven’t showered in what feels like 6 years. Think glitter tears, brows or even partings!

Feeling confident?

Why not take it a step further, by garnishing your body in glitter. Or more specifically, your boobs…

Because who doesn’t want their tits to sparkle? #freethenipple

Bum-Bags & Backpacks

Anything that frees up your hands for dancing – or general jumping with your hands in the air – is the way to go.

We suggest using a bum-bag or small backpack. The smaller and lighter the better, so they don’t get in the way (or get really annoying when you’re drunk at 3am looking for Chinese food)…

This ASOS pom pom & coin bedazzled number  is sure to get you in touch with your inner hippy. Whilst this pink transparent backpack by Misguided will match your jelly shoes and colourful glitter boobs. Just make sure you hide those tampons!


Don’t make the mistake of going to a festival in a romper.

It could take you the best part of an hour to get to a toilet; Without the added faff of taking a complicated playsuit off!

To make the most of the weekend bring a few pieces you can mix and match depending on the weather.

Missguided does a great range, we’ve picked 4 of our festival favs above! Although there are tons of great skirt style or bardot shoulder pieces available, we’ve tried to go for styles that aren’t as restrictive and still cute.



Whether they’re in your jeans, t-shirt or shorts, rips are still very much in.

In true festival style, the more rips, distress and tears the better.

No need to worry about getting your outfit ruined by the elements because in the wise words of the Cat in the Hat, ‘it was ruined when she bought it’…

These distressed ASOS shorts are great, the black will hide any sinful stains whilst the embroidered flower adds some hippy edge to these otherwise punk style shorts.

Pair with an equally distressed t-shirt like this plain navy one from ASOS, to take the trend to new heights.

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