If you haven’t received that well-deserved advancement in your career, don’t automatically assume your boss doesn’t like you or that you aren’t good enough. You may just need to switch up your typical day to day in order to stand out – I’ll show you how. Follow the steps below to stand out at work starting tomorrow!

1. Ask for feedback or a review

It’s ok to go outside of the standard review process and ask for feedback. Receiving feedback will show you areas you need to improve and help you understand what your boss is expecting. You won’t know until you ask, right? Plus, your boss with respect the fact that you are looking for constructive criticism. Learning from constructive feedback in a positive way is hard but valuable.

2. Always go above and beyond

Most employees stick to their job description and won’t touch anything that isn’t “their responsibility”. The easiest way to get noticed is to do the work that no one else wants to.

Whether a task is your responsibility or not, you should always give 100% effort and focus – minimum. Triple check your work, follow up, don’t cut corners and work with good intentions. Work harder than the rest.

3. Contribute to your team

Start a side project that will benefit your team. Maybe your boss hasn’t had time to finish the Master Schedule sheet or to organize important documents. By creating a side project that benefits the team, you will earn respect.

Go to your boss once it’s completed. They will be impressed that you went out of your way to help the team.

4. Ask for more responsibility

This seems obvious, but most employees either expect their boss to notice that they can take on more responsibility or are afraid to ask. Asking for more responsibility will help gain your bosses trust and makes you look proactive and committed to growing with the company.

Doing the work of those employees that are higher up will prove to your boss that you have what it takes. If there is an opportunity to jump in and help with these type of responsibilities, don’t wait to ask and just do it!

5. Build and maintain good relationships

Relationships are the bread and butter to your personal brand. Always remember this when you’re upset with a coworker or ticked off that something didn’t go as planned.

Go out of your way to say hi to a new employee. Be that individual that everyone goes to for help and advice. This is the path to becoming a successful leader.

6. Stay away from gossip

People will always choose to talk about the problems over the positives. Don’t contribute to the gossip and negative talk that goes on about your boss or the company.

Contributing to gossip is highly unprofessional and will not benefit you. If you are upset about something in particular, go home and think it through. If you’re still upset, talk to your manager. They will appriciate you coming to them instead of holding it in or passing along your emotions to someone else.

Try to achieve an advancement by using these tips before looking for another job. Remember, determination and work ethic can go a long way.

You got this.

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By Carina Musolino, Founder of Heels on Top.

This article originally appeared on Heels on Top,  a media company guiding women to a successful career.


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