Starting your day for success is sometimes harder on some days than others.

Like that day you spill coffee on your new shoes before a big presentation or the train is cancelled due to snow when you are heading to meet a new business contact.

On those days, the idea of turning your day into a success might seem far-fetched.

So set your path for success by starting your day right – And no we aren’t talking about standing naked at the mirror chanting ‘today is going to be a great day’.

Kick-start your day by eating right, drinking right and thinking right to make a good day amazing (or a bad day better).


You hear it everywhere, but it is so crucial. Drink water, lots of it.

A hydrated mind is far more clear-headed and a hydrated body more capable at responding to challenges.

Drinking my 2.5 litres doesn’t come naturally to me, I use an app called Daily Water to keep track of how much I drink and to remind me to drink during the day. The difference in productivity and success in my hydrated weeks versus those where I live on tea, coffee and Sauvignon Blanc is remarkable.

If you don’t believe me, keep a journal recording how much water you drink and what you achieved that week – you might just surprise yourself.

Food on the Go

I run two businesses, three kids, a large house and a crazy puppy.

The temptation to grab something sugar-loaded from the cupboard is real and powerful!

But since my husband bought me a nutri-blender for Mothers Day (brownie points were NOT scored at the time) a super-food smoothie is one power blend away.

Try out my superfood smoothie recipe – with coconut and pineapple, it’s not too far from your summertime favourite Pina Colada – for a quick and easy breakfast on-the-go.

Change your habits – change your life

One book that has had a huge impact on my daily routine is “Miracle Mornings – 6 habits that will change your life before 8am”.

I don’t practice all his methods – I’m a tad too British to stand in front of a mirror sharing my affirmations with my reflection and asking the universe for guidance. Here are the habits which have been truly life changing:

Rise earlier than you normally would

Start by setting your alarm for half an hour before you would normally get up. When the buzzer goes don’t hit snooze. If you snooze from the get-go what hope is there for a fired-up day?

Use that extra half hour to prepare mentally for the day ahead.

Approach your day with a specific purpose and even say it out loud to yourself.

Be positive, tell yourself that you will achieve your goals and that you are capable. Once you become comfortable with this simple task then the practice of declaring your affirmations and asking the universe to help fulfil your dreams comes more naturally (I’m getting there slowly).

The power of positive thought is incredible.

Write lists

Write your to-do list for the day the night before.

That way you won’t lie awake at night worrying about what you might or might not have to do.

Make a clear list with the hard tasks or those you wish to avoid at the start. Attack them with purpose.

Getting the hard stuff out of the way at the start of the day means you deal with them with a full tank of energy and before any doubts and insecurities set in.

Want to read more about prioritising your time effectively? Find out how we suggest using a to-do list, junk journal and a diary to maximise your potential.

Start with the habit that feels the most unnatural

Challenge yourself.

If you are already a healthy eater but a late riser, whipping up a smoothie first thing probably won’t yield good results.

But rising half hour to an hour earlier can have a huge impact on your productivity and on the overall outlook of your day.

Gym-phobic? Why not try tackling that spin class first thing in the morning?

Successful morning? Check! Now find out the desk essentials you need to be more productive at work.

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