Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks have been selling out in seconds but does her celebrity name tag make her brand the queen of liquid lipsticks? Whilst the luxury brand Stila are always out-of-stock of their ever-popular liquid lipstick in Patina – the perfect nude.

So, we had two businesswomen put them to the test with Marketing Manager, Corran Jeebaun-Cook trying out the Kylie Jenner range & Digital Journalist, Orianna Rosa Royle take the Stila lipstick for a test drive.

2 Brunettes- Corran Haircorran on kj


I have to say one of the things I was most impressed with about these lip kits, is just how long they last! Even after my daily dose of green tea & biscuits I noticed there was very little residue on my mug – something which I always find with my other lip sticks.

I did notice that after lunch the corners of my mouth had started to rub off a little but nothing  compared to what I was expecting/usually experience.


$29/£20 does seem a little pricey at first but then I remember it’s for a lip liner AND a liquid lipstick. Which makes it seem way more reasonable; throw in the fact that it lasts forever & the coverage is great, then I must say I am more than happy with the price!

But I suppose the main question on my mind is would I actually buy this if it wasn’t from Kylie Jenner?

Initially, no I probably wouldn’t but after trying the product myself, if this was just another branded product I would still definitely consider purchasing more colours!


Mary Jo K – 
My first thought when I tried it on was “wow! This is really red!”. The colour did make me look a tad pale but overall I was happy with the shade and got lots of compliments. See it on Kylie here.

Posie K – 
Again this is another great shade. The pink really suits my skin tone and has become my daily go to shade. See it on Kylie here.

Candy K – 
Of the three I have to say I was least impressed with this shade. For me this colour is nearly identical to Posie K being only a tiny bit lighter. See it on Kylie here.


The only negative thing I will say about this lip kit is that it stinks. The sickly sweet scent isn’t quite to my preference but it’s nothing I can’t live with.

2 Brunettes - Orianna HairOrianna on Stilla


The longevity of the Stila liquid lipsticks are okay, but just okay. With a liquid lipstick I’d expect it to be kiss proof, mug stain proof and to last through at least one meal, otherwise I may as well purchase a normal matte lipstick.

Although the colour and pigmentation of the Stila liquid lipsticks impressed me, the longevity didn’t. It seems like the product doesn’t fully dry as it stays quite sticky after application and transfers onto my coffee cup (even over an hour later).

If you’re going to use this lipstick try to avoid oily foods – everything from greasy chips to salad dressing- as this will break down the lipstick. In all, this lipstick lasts from 3-5 hours.


At just £16 it’s not too pricey and is also steadily available, however for the hassle of having to re-apply the colour every few hours, would it make more sense to spend £15 on a fabulous Mac matte lipstick?


Aria – 

A deep berry pink, perfect for autumn (especially if like me, you’re not confident enough to brave the red lip). Aria is a stunningly deep shade of fuchsia which feels extremely luxurious, sexy and feminine; perfect for taking any look from the office to a party.
Get it here.

Patina – 

My favourite shade of the three, a perfect nude with hints of pink and slight brown undertones. This colour is suitable for every day and will compliment every makeup look, I quickly found myself getting a little addicted to Patina.
Get it here.

Bellissima – 

This colour is by far my least favourite, a pinky nude that is too pale for my (reasonably pale) skin tone. It’s the kind of baby pink that makes you look either malnourished or a wannabe Nicki Minaj circa 2010.
Get it here.


In terms of pigmentation, one coat is more than enough but beware, the product is extremely runny yet quite thick which makes application tricky. Make sure to scrape the applicator against the barrel to get off excess liquid lipstick (there will be a lot), otherwise you risk having around 5 coats of product on your lips at once!

Longevity Winner:

Kylie Jenner

When it comes to staying power Kylie certainly is King!

Value Winner:


At only £16 a pop these are slightly more budget friendly.

Colour Winner:


We love them all, especially Patina and Posie K.

The winner? We can’t decide. If you’re looking for longevity it’s worth forking out for one of Kylie’s lip kits.  However if you’re not willing to pay that much Stila is a great alternative!

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  1. Hey Ladies,
    I love this post. The style of writing it great & the photography is lovely.
    I have both the Kylie Lipkits & Stila Liquid Lipsticks and I’m torn between the two. I’ve also tried Kat Von D Everlasting Liquids, you should definitely try them. I’ve also heard in the blogging world that Chanel are launching Lip Inks (Liquid Lipsticks) on the 7th October, apparently they’re the Bees Knees – So excited to try them!


    1. Hi Bee,
      Thanks for stopping by, we’re glad you enjoyed our post! We’ll definitely give Kat Von D’s stuff a try and are excited about Chanel lip inks. We’ve also heard good things about Jeffree Star’s brand of liquid lipsticks too, which you should check out if you haven’t already!

      C x

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