As Valentine’s Day approaches the pressure is definitely on relationships to be “perfect.”

But from stressing out about where to go and which present to get, the pressure of Valentine’s Day could be doing more damage to your relationship than good.

The solution? Being a bit more honest when it comes to that awful gift may not save face, but according to a new survey conducted by Brookman Solicitors couples which are truthful about their expectations and feelings have a healthier relationship.

Here are the 3 relationships resolutions to stick to this Valentine’s Day so your relationship doesn’t fall victim to the 14th February hype:

Honesty is the best policy

The stats show only 58% of married individuals would be honest with their partner over whether they liked their presents.

With the remaining individuals choosing to lie and pretend that they like their gift. (Common, we know you’ve faked it once or twice…)

But the experts say that this can have hidden repercussions on a relationship as often one lie leads to another resulting in a downward spiral of trust in a relationship.

Hate plants? This is your chance to tell him to save his cash and skip the roses.

Social detox

Forget teatox, we are indulging this Valentine’s and taking a break from our phones instead.

In this day and age, it’s very tempting to check your social media but phubbing (phone snubbing) can actually create distance between you and your partner.

The survey revealed that 40% of respondents said their partner would not check their social media profiles at all on significant days in the calendar such as Christmas Day.

So put your phone down, ignore that email and enjoy the romantic day – even if it’s just for a few hours after work.

Create couple #goals

63% of those surveyed said they planned to change or improve an aspect of their life in 2018.

Valentine’s Day marks a perfect time to communicate with your partner over how you’d like your relationship to progress or even improve this year. Ditch dining out, why not discuss your couple goals over a candlelit home-made meal?

This could include small changes such as scheduling frequent date nights in or making more time for your girlfriends.

Want to bake a cake for your other half this Valentine’s Day (even though it’s mid-week)? We’ve perfected the easiest Chocolate Cupcakes you’ll ever make. 

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