Struggled with sticking to a daily beauty routine in 2017? Ladies, we get it – the last thing you want to do before work is cleanse, tone, moisturise and put makeup on. Especially when you could have another half hour in bed.

I have committed myself to changing my work beauty routine in the New Year. I am very guilty of ‘slap dashing it’ when going to work but 2018 will be a fresh start for many of us and our beauty regimen.

So, here’s to finding a beauty routine that works for you and making it you’re own in 2018:

Wake up call

Get up earlier, it’s time to prep for the long successful day ahead, now let’s enhance our beauty with a few simple steps.

Drink one pint of ice cold water in the morning – if it’s the only thing you do! I like to hydrate my body the best way and this really is something everyone can (and should) do.

The first product to start with is Liz Earle Super Serum on your face and your choice of eye cream. I have been loving No 7’s from Boots. These steps are important to make the rest really simple.

I don’t love a full face of make-up at work and with my routine, you really won’t need much coverage but if you can’t live without your Dior Capture Totale, feel free to swap for your makeup staples.

The base

The Body Shop offer a really good BB cream which work wonders for ladies with a lack of time in the busy business world.

Just rub into your skin, like you would a moisturiser!

Add some highlight to your cheek bones making sure not to overdo it. We want to look fresh and glowing, not like we have rolled around in glitter. (Unless you’re heading off to a festival, then sparkle away!)

Finish your base by filling in your brows. Really take care as these babies frame our best feature – your eyes.

Lash life

I like my eyelashes to be full and dramatic even when spending my day in the office. You know what they say eyes are the window to the soul and those eyes are one of your main communication tools, so be sure to choose a good black mascara to add to your collection.

We all know the power of a flutter of those lashes!

Let your lips talk

Your work should speak for itself, that’s why you won’t find me telling you to overdo it with the makeup.

However, keeping your lips hydrated and clean is a must so make sure to carry a balm with you at all times to apply through the day to keep your lips looking in tip-top shape. Especially in these colder months where your pucker could be looking worse for wear.

If you want to add some colour feel free start with a tinted balm and work your way up to bolder shades, for the perfect day to night look.

Smells like success

A spritz of your favourite perfume can make you feel like you can take on the world.

I never leave for work without is a few splashes of my current favourite fragrance, Miss Dior; it’s sweet yet powerful.

Want to freshen up after lunch? I carry a travel size version in my handbag too!

Soak the stress away

So it has been a very busy day at the office your feet are aching and your mind is frazzled.

Head home and run a warm bath, right now.

Now let’s set the scene; light some candles, play some relaxation music and drop a bath bomb in to really pamper yourself.

Although this may seem like a small task, you need to make time for you after a long day at work.

I love to relax and use Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish to remove any make up left on my face, whilst I soak.

So, have a good long soak, remove any grime from the day you worked so hard to get through and mentally prepare for the next day.

Moisture is everything

So we have soaked our blues away, now let’s get some moisture into our skin.

I like to use Body Shop’s Japanese Camellia Cream. The smell is just divine and leaves your skin feeling soft and replenished.

When it comes to my face, I use the Garnier Moisture Bomb Sakura Hydrating sheet mask. 15 minutes with this amazing mask and your skin will be glowing and ready to be flaunted around the office the next day.

End your evening beauty routine by applying a night cream to ensure you wake up feeling ready to work work work in the morning.

Sleeping Beauty

Getting a minimum of 8 hours a night is so important, so that your brain can function effectively and you can achieve all your work goals.

I am a firm believer in sleep, I like head to bed 30 minutes before I plan to hit the sheets.

My bedtime routine? I sip my way through a glass of water, spray my pillow with some lavender oil and read something easy going.

Finally, electronics is a no go at bed-time. I keep my phone away from my sleeping area – as I blog in my spare time, it’s very easy to spend hours on posts, so simply focus on sleep and nothing else.

Boss life

Whatever your day has in store, be sure to enhance your natural beauty, believe in yourself and most importantly be yourself.

I think as women, we really focus on looks and I am sure with my simple tips you will feel ready to take on the world as the powerful, successful, beautiful women you truly are.

Need a health-kick to go with your new beauty routine? We’ve put together 5 hacks to simplify meal prepping.

By Rebecca Forrester, She Biz writer and blogger at BeccaBlogger. Stay up to date with Becca on InstagramFacebook and YouTube.



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