Looking to start a career as a blogger or start-up a beauty blog as a hobby?

From tackling writer’s block to getting to grips with SEO, here are some tips to get you started according to a Digital Journalist.

Be passionate

Sometimes you will have had a really long and hard day of work and the last thing you want to do is write. And it’s even harder staying up writing away until midnight when it’s not something you enjoy. Make sure that you’re writing because it’s a hobby and that you are passionate.

If you’re not passionate about creating content, then you’ll soon start to dwindle and miss weeks on your content calendar.

Write about something that you’re really passionate about so that you enjoy creating posts each week.


While it is all well and good writing about whatever you fancy that week, you’ll soon fall behind.

We find that planning out what content we want to write for the next 3 months/year ahead helps with any dreaded writer’s block.

Obviously, if there is something exciting that make sense to be posted that week it pays to be flexible and posts can easily be swapped or rescheduled.


You don’t have to have crazy, never-seen-before, original ideas to start writing.

Every journalist’s best-kept secret is their ability to find a new angle.

The story doesn’t have to be original, but your goal is finding a new way to tell it.

Take this seasons top trends for AW17, how would you wear them to work versus date night?

There’s your new angle.

Instead of a ‘top trends’ post which will have been covered by so many publications already, you’re covering ‘This seasons dresses to take you from day to night’.


It’s all good writing catchy content, but without any promotion, no-one will ever discover it. This means everything from SEO, to your social presence & even networking at events.

Using social media to promote your posts is great, but you need to keep these up to date with other posts so that people will want to follow you. Things like Buffer, Later & Tailwind are great tools for scheduling posts on all your social media. As we said earlier it pays to be organised as life often gets in the way.

As well as your social media presence it’s important that the actual presence of your blog is good too. Bad design can distract good writing. Make sure that you have a clear & most importantly readable layout in order to get the best out of your site. We spent hours deciding on our theme from everything to layout to link colours!

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