With Valentine’s day looming around the corner but our bank accounts still recovering from Christmas, ‘what to wear?‘ is becoming a scarier thought. 

You have 2 options: Either recycle that dress you wore on that date last Valentines or invest in an affordable yet beautiful silk cami.

With this one fashion staple, we’ve got your #OOTD covered whether it’s a dinner date or a movie marathon at home.

Staying In


Match the cami with silk shorts for a sexy alternative to your onsie, perfect for the romantic day.

I love chucking fur (faux of course) throws and pillows on the living room floor, lighting all the candles I can find and snuggling up to watch a movie. Microwave popcorn is a must!


To The Cinema



Going for dinner after your cinema date? Fancy up your outfit with these valentines day themed heels:

Dinner Date


We love the Chloe Faye bag but we love the price tag of Missguided’s dusty rose dupe even more. Whilst the embroidery on the leather skirt matches with the silk cami’s embroidery making them the perfect match.

Quick tip: Tuck your cami in, hide the skirt’s hem with a belt and voila, you’ll look like you’ve stepped out of the runway in a Dolce & Gabbana dress!

City Escape



Trainers, trainers, trainers! My feet would have thanked me if I took a pair to my last city escape – I walked over 18km in one day in boots and was crippled for the next 48 hours…

Got the date but still haven’t bought your partner a gift? Check out our gift guide for every budget.

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