Spring cleaning season is approaching, providing the perfect time to purge your wardrobe and achieve those closet #goals.

As you transition from an Autumn/Winter to a Spring/Summer wardrobe there comes a dose of harsh reality. Where to put it all?

And with “New Year, New Me” still fresh in your mind, does your current wardobe still represent your “ideal” you.

So whether you want to de-clutter before you shop spring pieces or overhaul your entire wardrobe, here are our tips on how to spring clean your wardobe.


Literally. We plan so much in life- how we want our bedroom to look to what we are going to wear on a date- but we rarely plan our wardrobe.

This is a real game changer. Using Word – or a similar app which allows you take notes and add images- start finding images of what you want your collection to look like. Are you inspired by a certain person, celebrity or style? Which colours are you drawn to? Like a moodboard, place images that represent your dream wardrobe in a word document with a clear colour palette and a coherent style.

Once your planned wardrobe is in place, it’s easy to disgard anything that doesn’t fit your style and colour theme. Getting dressed in the morning will also be easier as everything in your collection works together.

For example: I particularly like a classic yet business look, think Cameron Diaz in ‘The Other Women’. My colour palette is neutral and near-neutral. So, black, white, grey and navy is my main wardrobe theme, with browns, khaki and blues as complimentary shades. I also have red, coral and berry as accent shades.

Make it fun

Cleaning or organising your wardrobe shouldn’t be a chore. Especially when it’s an opportunity to live a Carrie Bradshaw moment and have some SATC style fun!

Invite your friends, blast your favourite songs and enjoy your favourite wine whilst you play dress up.

This way, throwing out clothes can be just as fun as shopping as you re-discover new outfits.

A second opinion will also be really handy when you’re stuck on whether to toss or keep something. But make sure to invite a friend who’s not scared to tell you that those jeans do make your butt look fat and that is not your colour.

Divide and conquer

First take all your clothes out of your wardrobe and drawers, and lay them out on the bed. Your pile may be huge and you may feel like you’ll never get through it. Don’t feel intimidated, just go through one item at a time.

A way to make organising clothes easier and much less intimidating is by placing them into categories. Everytime you pick up an item put it in a pile categorised as toss, keep, maybe. Once everything is divided in its pile, go through the toss and re-divide it into what you want to sell, want you want to give away (to a friend or charity) and bin. Bag them up with the correct label and put them in another room.

Time for pile number 2; divide your keep pile into basics, summer, winter, fancy. Things such as your Christmas Jumper won’t be worn until December, so they can be stored out of site until the colder season arrives. This method lets you really see what you have. Do you really need that many plain black vests? Are you really going to wear the shorts you enjoyed last summer? Have you actually worn that ball gown since prom?

I like to store out-of season items in an empty suitcase. That way the suitcase isn’t wasting space as it’s doubling up as storage.

Would I buy this now?

An oldie but perpetual goodie.

As children you constantly grow and change, and therefore your style and what you wear changes with age too. However, as we reach adulthood we stop physically growing and tend to hold onto things that although may fit us, no longer fit who we are. If you wouldn’t buy it now then chances are, you’ve outgrown it. Don’t hold on to things because you enjoyed them years ago, it will only take up room for things to enjoy in the present. You don’t need physical reminders in order to remember that feeling, those good memories will stay with you even when you’ve parted with the dress you wore on that first date.

Another rule of thumb is when did you last wear it? If you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are you won’t wear it so give it to someone who will. There are obvious exceptions to this, such as beach wear if you don’t live by the beach and black-tie dresses.

Storing your collection

In order to maximize the visibility of your garments and therefore get the most use of out them, store them vertically. Fold clothes and stack them so that when you open your drawer you can instantly see all the tops you own.

Aside from t-shirts underwear, jeans and pyjamas, I find hanging clothes the best way to store them. It keeps them crease- free and easy to access. From right to left I order them: tops, shirts, jumpers, skirts, dresses, outerwear. I also categorise each section according to colour, that way if I wake up and want to wear a white shirt I know exactly where it is.

If you have any thick wooden hangers, throw them out! Hanging clothes on thin hangers maximises the space on your rail, whilst velvet ones stop your tops from slipping. No more fallen clothes at the bottom of your wardrobe!

Finally, spring cleaning your wardobe doesn’t end at spring. It’s something you should always remain mindful of when purchasing new clothes. Does it fit your style? Does it go with the rest of your collection? Do you need it? Sometimes you’ll really love a garment and it won’t tick all three. That’s okay, fashion is all about having fun and embracing new trends. However, if you steer clear from hoarding unwanted items and purchase investment pieces which fit your collection, you will always have a wardrobe that you love, that inspires you and that connects with your personal style.

Inviting your friends over for a wardrobe spring clean night in? Why not treat them to some cocktails!


  1. I try to do this at least once a year. Right now I am purging a piece every day for the next 40 days as my sacrifice for Lent. I love your idea of inviting girlfriends over. I may try that. Good article

    1. Hey Clearissa,

      Thanks for commenting. That’s a great idea of getting rid of a piece every day for lent! We admire your dedication.
      Good luck 🙂

      C x

    1. Hey Nina,

      Thanks! Our motto is waste not want not! Just because we might not wear them anymore there’s no reason someone else might not love it. 🙂

      C x

    1. Hey Ansleigh,

      Thanks for stopping by! We agree we’re definitely guilty of hoarding a few too many clothes, so this works great for us to cut down. 🙂

      C x

  2. I admire your energy, resolve and thoughtful analysis as applied to wardrobe and Spring cleaning! I have a terrible time letting go of clothes I haven’t worn, and even ones I have a sentimental attachment to that are even beyond worn out. Even the thought of having friends over seeing the over-accumulation – yikes! I guess it’s time for me to actually take some of the fab advice you’ve given here!

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