From hitting it backstage in LA to shooting on the set of Love Island, Tamsin Eames is definitely the cool kid on the block.

But jetting from the set of ITV to award ceremonies, means this businesswoman spends little time in her kitchen. So we caught up with the reporter to find what she eats on a typical day on the move…


Tamsin opts out of breakfast, even coffee, in favour of some extra zzz’s.

“This is going to sound terrible – I don’t have breakfast. Or coffee.

Basically, the first thing I eat or drink is at lunch.

I love my sleep so much that I’d prefer to have an extra ten minutes in bed rather than get up for breakfast.

But I function just fine, honest.”


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Does the thought of a soggy pre-packed sandwich turn your stomach? Tamsin feels your pain.

‘I never have a packed lunch. I wish I was that sensible but the thought of a sandwich made the night before wrapped in cling film is my idea of hell.’

So not one for a packed lunch, a huge factor on what Tamsin has for lunch depends on whether she’s at her desk or shooting for ITV.

When in the office: ‘I often go to our work’s canteen, with a jacket potato as my standard go-to lunch.’

When on location: ‘Lunch consists of whatever food I can grab on the go – often, something from a trolley on a train which is gross.’

Afternoon snack

‘Working for This Morning is the worst place to be if you’re on a diet.

We always have amazing food demonstrations on the show and we get to eat what they’ve made.

So after lunch, the afternoon is usually spent gorging on whatever treats we’ve cooked or baked on the show that day!’


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‘Confession time: I don’t cook.

I’m actually really really terrible at cooking and I don’t enjoy it (I particularly hate washing up).

So I eat out about four times a week. Thankfully my boyfriend is a great cook so he is head chef at our house.

If I’m in charge, it’s a takeaway!’

Tamsin’s go to take-out? ‘A Tikka Masala and an embarrassing amount of poppadoms for one person.’

Tamsin’s favourite 15-minute meal

‘As rubbish as I am at cooking, I can make a mighty mean poached egg. It’s my one culinary skill I’ve mastered. So poached eggs on toast may not sound too impressive, but mine are award-worthy (in my opinion anyway ha!)’


  • 4 large eggs, preferably free-range or organic
  • 4 slices of bread
  • butter, to serve
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


  • Get yourself a wide saucepan and fill it with boiling water from the kettle
  • Bring it to a light simmer over a medium heat, add a pinch of salt, then crack one of your eggs into a cup or small bowl and gently pour it into the water in one fluid movement
  • Repeat with the rest of the eggs
  • Depending on your pan, a really soft poached egg should take around 2 minutes and a soft to firm one will need 4 minutes
  • Put your bread on to toast
  • To check whether the eggs are done, remove one carefully from the pan with a slotted spoon and give it a gentle push with a teaspoon
  • If it feels too soft, put it back and give the eggs a minute or two more in the water to firm up
  • When they’re ready, remove them to some kitchen paper to dry off
  • Butter your toast, serve the eggs on top and sprinkled with a little salt and pepper
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