Really want a tattoo but want to keep it on the down low (DL)?

We get it, depending on your job (and personality) some people love to show off their beautiful body art whilst others would rather have their inking hidden or just a little more discreet.

Whether it’s for your family, your job or you just think discreet tats are that much cuter, we’ve pulled together 9 tattoo placement ideas. which you could hide from your boss.

Don’t worry — it’ll be our little secret!

Image taken from Quinn

The side of your ribs

Image taken from Pop Sugar

The wrist

Image taken from Tattoo Blend

The upper thigh

Image taken from Feed Puzzle

Behind the ear

This is another discreet area for girls, as when your hair is down it should cover the tattoo.

Image taken from Tattoo Journal

On the crook of your arm

Image taken from Marie Claire

Below the hairline

Image taken from Tattoo Journal

The upper back

Image taken from Modern Lifestyle

Ribcage (Under your boob)

Either way, unlike Rihanna, most people don’t have their underboob on show frequently, so you can bet your boss won’t see this one.

Image taken from Shop Style

The foot


  1. I’ve got a couple of tattoos already, some more visible than others. I do like the idea of one behind my ear but I think it’ll be too painful. My next will be a full on sleeve 😀

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